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The Jigger pressure will give us a wide range of products for tinting that, so far, we could not play with the dye jet or conventional foulard.

Features of the machine:

  • Table width 2100 mm
  • Capacity between 300 and 600 kg.
  • Automatic Scheduler
  • Working pressure 3.5 bar.
  • Dyeing temperature between 40 °C and 130 °C
  • Bath agitation throughout the dyeing process
  • Relationship bath fifth

The new trend in fashion very transparent and silky genres, which until now was discouraged with our current facilities, with this acquisition opens up a range of materials and fabrics to us imaginable.

Ranges polyester items such as gauze, georgette, satin-matte and glossy-many, taffeta etc…

Articles with lace, embroidery, rhinestones motifs, articles of rayon viscose and viscose blends, javanaises.

Articles linings oriented increasingly booming, as the full range in 100% polyester blends, polyester-lycra, acetate, acetate-lycra, polyamide-lycra, etc…

In general all articles ranges oriented so as linings for clothing, with very low weights that may range from 40 to 140 grams/meter.

With this acquisition we hope to live up to the demands of our customers and the market, in order to make tinctures without carriers, environmentally friendly, more competitive in feature film productions.

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